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Dive into a world of satisfying squishiness with our Squishy Things Showbag. Priced at just $35, this collection includes Squish Mochi Glitter, Squish Donut, Bubble Belly Friend, and more, all designed to provide ultimate tactile delight and stress relief. Order now and experience the joy of squishing!

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Discover the Squishy Things Showbag – Your Gateway to Squeezy Bliss!

Indulge in the world of delightful squishy textures with our exclusive Squishy Things Showbag. For just $35, you can immerse yourself in an array of captivating tactile experiences that promise relaxation, stress relief, and endless enjoyment.


  • Squish Mochi Glitter
  • Squish Mochi Glitter Jumbo
  • Water Fidget Friend
  • Squish Donut
  • Bubble Belly Friend
  • Sticky Squish 3 Pack
  • Squish Burger
  • Squish Ball Glitter
  • Snack Bites Hang a Long Bulk

From the enchanting glimmer of Squish Mochi Glitter to the versatile fun of Sticky Squish 3 Pack, our Squishy Things Showbag is thoughtfully curated to provide a diverse range of squishy pleasures. Elevate your sensory experience today – order the Squishy Things Showbag for $35 and embark on a journey of irresistible squeezable contentment.