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Why shouldn’t sloths have their own Showbag? They’re slow and sleeping and ever so adorable. We’ve captured the sloth spirit in the Sloth Showbag with a fun collection of sloth themed goodies.

Inside the Sloth Showbag you’ll find a set of nesting Trinket Boxes, LED Strings Lights, Stationery Set, pack of Nail Art Stickers, 2 pairs of Earring, “Just chill: Duffle Bag, Stickers, Socks and Drink Bottle. It’s all packed inside a “Dream big” non-woven Tote Bag.

With bright colours and a touch of glitter, the Sloth Showbag is all about showcasing the fabulous sloth in all their sleepy glory.

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They might be slow. And they might like to laze around more than even the most sluggish teenager. But there is no denying that sloths are cute. Adorable in fact. Just one look at the Sloth Showbag will prove that!

The Sloth Showbag contains:

  • Set of 3 nesting Trinket Boxes
  • Set of LED String Lights
  • Stationery Set with notebook, pen, erasers, ruler and sharpener
  • Pack of sloth Nail Art stickers
  • 2 pairs of sloth Earrings
  • “Just chill” Duffle Bag with 3 adorable posing sloths
  • Sticker sheet with cute ice-cream sloths, teacup sloths and more
  • Pair of cute and cuddly Socks
  • “Let’s Chill” sloth Drink Bottle with adorable smiling sloth
  • “Dream Big” pastel and glittery non-woven Tote Bag

If you’ve got a birthday coming up and you’re looking for the perfect gift, the value-packed Sloth Showbag is probably what you’ve been searching for. It’s fun, it’s cute and it’s totally on trend. 

Want to know the best news? You can be slothing around the house and still buy your Showbags without having to wait for the show. Available online 24/7, we ship our Showbags to your door, all around Australia. If you spend over $100 you’ll also get free shipping on your order. 

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  • Set of 3 nesting Trinket Boxes with different sloth designs.
  • Set of LED String Lights to light up a room with sloths.
  • Stationery Set with “My spirit animal” notebook, pen, erasers, “Eat, sleep, sloth, repeat” ruler and pencil sharpener
  • Pack of sloth Nail Art stickers for decorating fingernails.
  • 2 pairs of sloth Earrings – one set of cute sloth faces and one set of rainbow hearts.

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