Kingdom Builders Build A Beast

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Kingdom Builders toys encourage imaginative play, role play and construction in kids. All Kingdom Builders figures work together using the same building system.


Welcome to Kingdom Builders!?Where kids have the power to build their own Kingdom, bash it down, and remodel it anyway they like. The armor-clad Builders defend Hex Castle?from the mischievous Bashers who want to smash it down.?Build, Bash, Remodel!

BUILD, BASH, REMODEL! Kingdom Builders Takes place in the magical land of Buildera. Where you can build anything you want!

Kids can turn Build A Beast into the Ultimate Battle vehicle with four removable parts and many openings to customize it their way!

Product features:

  • ?Comes with 4 customizable tools
  • Interchangeable with other playset pieces
  • Tail doubles as a screwdriver
  • All figures can ride into action