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Showbags Shop Calling all wizards and muggles! The Harry Potter Classic Showbag is jam-packed with official Harry Potter memorabilia, it will almost feel like you’re hopping on a Nimbus 2000 en route to Hogwarts. Inside the Harry Potter Classic Showbag you’ll find a backpack, lanyard, 9 pages of tech decals, comfy Hedwig slippers, scarf, Hogwarts notebook and, of course, Harry’s infamous wand. It all comes in a handy reusable Harry Potter tote bag. Packed to the brim with magical wizarding fun, this showbag is sure to keep the kids (big and little) occupied for hours with every spell and charm under the sun. Afterpay Banner


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The Harry Potter Classic Showbag is an enchanting nod to the courageous, chivalrous and determined Gryffindors. Go on a walk down Diagon Alley with this showbag that’s packed with wizarding merchandise and Gryffindor goodies. The Harry Potter Classic Showbag contains:

  • Varsity style Harry Potter backpack complete with Hogwarts and Platform 9 ¾ emblem
  • Colourful and patterned lanyard with Hogwarts card attached
  • “Harry Potter” Gryffindor inspired reusable tote bag, featuring glasses and lightning bolt illustrations
  • 9 pages of detailed Harry Potter tech decals, including Hogwarts house emblems and various magical creatures
  • Furry, white Hedwig slippers
  • Red and yellow striped scarf with the Gryffindor emblem sewn on
  • Harry Potter’s iconic wand
  • Hogwarts A5 notebook with beautiful gold detailing

Overflowing with timeless Harry Potter collectables, fans of the wizarding world won’t be able to get enough of this showbag. With your kid decked out in scarf, slippers and an accompanying wand, we can’t promise that you won’t mistake them for a Hogwarts student! Buy it as a birthday gift, a Christmas present or as a magical surprise treat. Order online and we’ll ship your showbags to your door (sorry, no Owl Postal Service deliveries available). Stock up on showbag goodies and save with free shipping on all orders over $100.

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  • Black Harry Potter backpack, featuring golden Hogwarts emblem, large front zipper pocket and large printed ‘H’ for a letterman style.
  • Funky Harry Potter lanyard with “official” Hogwarts card included.
  • Classic “Harry Potter” movie print, complete with iconic glasses and lightning scar atop a red and yellow striped reusable tote bag.
  • 9 pages of decorative tech decals consisting of symbols and animals seen in the magical world of Harry Potter.
  • Cute and comfy white Hedwig slippers for bedtime.

Showbag contains

  • size: 45x31x13cm
  • weight: 215g
  • size: size: 12x9cm – card: 10x5x6cm
  • weight: 65g
Non Woven Bag
  • size: 40x38x11cm
  • weight: 55g
Tech Decals
  • size: 24x14cm
  • weight: 85g
  • size: 26cm
  • weight: 95g
Charms Scarf
  • size: 140x16cm
  • weight: 65g
  • size: 455x100mm
  • weight: 60g
A5 Notebook
  • size: A5
  • weight: 65g

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