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The fairies of Butterbean’s Cafe have cooked up their own Showbag to help spread the love of baking and get kids hands on in the kitchen. Cool beans!

The Butterbean’s Cafe Showbag includes a Backpack with Wings, Activity Set, Apron, Earring & Ring Set, Cupcake Set, Baking Set, Headband, Ice Cream Set and Memory Card Game. The contents of the Showbag are packed in a Butterbean’s Cafe Tote Bag.

A Showbag makes a wonderful birthday gift, full of treasures and goodies to enjoy and the Butterbean’s Cafe Showbag is no exception. It’s filled with fun and value for endless hours of enjoyment.

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Why should the residents of Puddlebrook have all the fun? Join Butterbean, Cricket, Jasper and Dazzle and cook up a storm – pretend or otherwise! The Butterbean’s Cafe Showbag captures the magic of the fairy kitchen and brings it to you. 

The Butterbean’s Cafe Showbag includes:

  • Adorable Butterbean Cafe Backpack with Wings
  • Fun Activity Set including colouring sheets, stickers and coloured pencils 
  • “Let’s get cooking” pink striped Apron
  • Set of 4 stick on Earrings and 4 Rings
  • Cupcake Set with cupcake cases and butterfly toppers 
  • Baking Set with rubber spatula and whisk
  • Mint green wide Headband with pink glittery butterfly
  • Ice Cream Set for delicious pretend fun
  • Simple Memory Card Game featuring the characters from Butterbeans Cafe
  • “Time for some bean magic” Non Woven Tote Bag

This Showbag is the perfect gift for a mini Butterbean’s Cafe fan or even for a child who loves the wonder of fairies and enjoys baking in the kitchen. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or for another special occasion, it is sure to create lots of joy.

Why wait for the show to enjoy the fun and magic of a Showbag when you can buy your Showbags online. The Butterbean’s Cafe Showbag is available 24/7 with free shipping around Australia for all orders over $100. Let’s get cooking!

Top 5 products

  • Adorable Butterbean’s Cafe Backpack with Wings because every Butterbean’s Cafe fairy needs wings!
  • Fun Activity Set including Butterbean’s Cafe character colouring sheets, stickers and coloured pencils.
  • “Let’s get cooking” pink striped Apron featuring Butterbean herself and her signature whisk.
  • Set of 4 stick on Earrings and 4 Rings each representing a different fairy from the Butterbean’s Cafe.
  • Cupcake Set with cupcake cases and butterfly toppers for real life baking adventures.

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