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Great Scott! It’s the ultimate time-travelling Back to the Future Showbag.

This Showbag includes a retro-style Back to the Future themed A4 Notebook, Backpack, set of 6 Badges, Cooler Bag, Mug, 48 Piece Puzzle, set of 2 Finger Skateboards and a pair of Socks. All packed in a handy Tote Bag, the Back to The Future Showbag is the next best thing to jumping in the DeLorean and travelling back to the future with Marty and Doc – no flux capacitor or plutonium required.

Loaded with value, the Showbag makes a great birthday gift, perfect for fans both big and small.

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“Time circuits on, flux capacitor… fluxing, engine running, all right!” The Back to the Future Showbag is a nod to the popularity of this time-travelling trilogy. Featuring Back to the Future icons such as Hoverboards, the DeLorean and the time machine dashboard, this is a whole lot of retro nostalgia rolled into one fun bundle.

The Back to the Future Showbag includes:

  • A4 Notebook featuring the classic DeLorean
  • Backpack with illustrated DeLorean
  • Set of 6 Badges, each with a different iconic Back to the Future image
  • Black Cooler Bag with Back to the Future logo
  • Time machine dashboard Mug
  • 48 Piece Puzzle of iconic Back to the Future imagery
  • Pack of 2 Finger Skateboards/Hoverboards
  • Cosy Back to the Future logo Socks
  • Non-woven Tote Bag with different imagery front and back

That’s a whole lot of value packed into one single Showbag! To paraphrase the words of the great Doc, “The way I see it, if you’re gonna buy a Back to the Future Showbag, why not do it with some style.” 

The great news is, you don’t need to wait for the show to get your hands on all these Back to the Future goodies! You can buy your showbags online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week with free shipping for all orders over $100. Great Scott!

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  • Classic DeLorean A4 Notebook for recording time-travel calculations or creating your own Sports Almanac.
  • Backpack with illustrated DeLorean to complete the Marty McFly look.
  • Set of 6 Badges, each with a different classic Back to the Future icon including the flux capacitor and the Hill Valley clock.
  • Black Cooler Bag with Back to the Future logo because time travel is hungry work!
  • Time machine dashboard Mug for drinking your “wake-up juice”.

Total Value $80.55 save $50.55!

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