About Us

Bensons Trading Company (ABN 11 004 681 609) is a family owned company that has been in business for over 60 years. The history of the company is one of change and evolution as would be expected from an entity that has been in business for this length of time. There has been gradual change from what could be termed as an agency based business to more the importer/ retailer nowadays. Bensons has operated agencies as diverse as ‘Scrabble’ to ‘Heineken Beer’ over the years.

Approximately 35 years ago it was decided that our future lay in retail. Indeed our overseas contact, the movement to the importer retailer role was a natural progression.Whilst we still have a very strong whole sale business in the carnival, novelty & redemption area, the majority of our company’s activity is in what we term as the retail of ‘Show bags at agricultural ‘Shows’ throughout Australia.